Friday, January 14, 2011

Quick Blog # 4- Willow Smith

Alright, so I had to watch this a couple times and look up the lyrics because I couldn’t catch everything she was saying and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Some of her lyrics seem to be inspiring as if she is trying to talk about and relate to dealing with the issues of racism such as:

Don't let haters keep me off my grind /Keep my head up I know I'll be fine /Keep fighting until i get there
When i'm down and i feel like giving up i think again

And also

So whats up (yea) /And I'll be doing what to do /we turn our back /and whip our hair and just shake them off /shake them off, shake them off, shake them off

 Some of the dancing was a bit provocative, like the girl in the red dress, but overall there wasn’t anything too outrageous. Some of the lyrics such could be seen as provocative I guess, or it could just be something else, such as  I, i gets it in mmmm yea i go hard /when they see me pull up i whip it real hard /i whip it real hard, real hard, i whip it real hard. I don’t understand what she is really trying to say though- what exactly does the whipping her back and forth mean or have to do with anything? I need help on that one…

I think what she is trying to do is hard, she was only nine years old when she made this music video and it seems that dancing and singing is what is popular. If she just stood there singing into a microphone I don’t think this song would be as successful as it is. I watched some interviews of her on You-tube and I think she is still almost too young to be a role model to others. It seems like she is trying to be so much more grown up than she really is with her mannerisms. I feel that she has a bit of growing up to do before she can actually be a role model to anyone, she needs to figure out who she is herself first and nine seems a bit young to know that. However, she comes from a grounded family, the Smiths’ seem like family is important to them and in one of the interviews someone said that Will Smith was one of the only rappers who doesn’t curse in his songs-so I think overall Willow will be just fine in the music industry.

I can’t say that I love this song, but I do believe she is talented. I think we will see a lot more from Willow to come. I am curious to hear what her others songs will be like and how she shapes the music industry in the future.

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