Monday, January 17, 2011

Process Piece

Process Piece:
This digital video project was one of the most technologically involved projects I have had to complete, but I think I learned a lot from it.
When I first started this project, the whole idea of it was a bit daunting. Having to create a video about an ism we learned in class-there was so many different ways to approach the assignment and I wasn’t sure what route I wanted to take. I knew that I wanted to discuss racism and do something with poetry, music and quotes because I thought those three things combined would create a strong message. Initially, I was going to write my own poem, but as I started researching about those who wrote about racism I became inspired by their work and wanted to make that the center of the project. They, after all, had experienced firsthand what racism was all about and I wanted to put together a video that showed their struggles but that also highlighted on their bravery and strength, which I feel my video did.
The technological aspect of the project was the most difficult for me. I wanted to do something different and learn more about different software that exists so I chose to use Windows Live Movie Maker. Well, I think I would need about the whole length of this course to really understand it, but I watched a lot of tutorials about how it actually worked. Converting videos and music so that it was compatible with the software was challenging, but I managed to figure it out eventually. I even had trouble uploading it to You-tube, I’m not sure if anyone else did but it took me quite awhile to figure out how to do it. It seemed like it should have been simple, but for me it wasn’t.
Overall, I enjoyed researching about racism. It was interesting to see how much information there was about it and how many different viewpoints and opinions existed on the subject. I learned a lot about many great writers and musicians and saw the talent that they possess. By no means was this an easy assignment for me, but I feel that I came out of it with a greater understanding of racism, a greater appreciation for what those who experienced racism had gone through and with much respect (with what began with much frustration) for Windows Live Movie Maker. I think completing a project where you have to push yourself to learn is rewarding, and I am proud that I accomplished the assignment and I am proud of the way the finished product came out.

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