Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lady Gaga and Feminism-Follow up to Blog 2

Lady Gaga and Feminism

I know Lady Gaga from her music only by hearing it on the radio and I also know that she is known for her provocative dance moves and lyrics. However, I don’t really know much about her as a person or about what she believes in.  

In an article written by Lily Rowen, called Gaga and Ke$ha Champion New Feminism, she states that in the “Los Angeles Times article published last December, Lady Gaga called herself a little bit of a feminist, saying, I find that men get away with saying a lot in this business, and that women get away with saying very little”.

Perhaps, Lady Gaga does consider herself a feminist, as I now know there are many definitions for the term that many different people believe in. I suppose she is somewhat like the new Madonna. When Madonna first emerged in the music industry her actions and lyrics were none like anyone had ever seen from a woman before. In a way, Lady Gaga is doing the same thing. It seems extreme to us now, but perhaps pushing boundaries is how we came to be where we are now in the first place.

Still, I can’t say that I believe she is a good role model for young women and girls, but again I really don’t know that much about her either. I don’t see her doing much more than dancing provocatively and singing racy lyrics. I don’t know anything that she is doing that seems positive for young women and girls. I personally would want young women and girls to act in the same way that Lady Gaga acts on stage, but everyone has different opinions. Feminism is about women having equal rights as men, but it doesn’t seem to me that what Lady Gaga is doing and the way she acts is helping women gain equal rights. Will having women dance provocatively help them gain equal rights-maybe, but I hope not.



  1. It seem like the Los Angeles times quote is showing negative stigmas and that worries me. It sounds like an indirect way of saying men should be thinkers and women less thinkers and more objects. An attractive body is nice to look at, but it’s helpful (in my opinion) if that body has thoughts and ideas.
    I too have only seen Gaga through her songs and music videos. Actually now that I think about it, I did see here in last years Time’s 100 influential people. So between Time Magazine and the Los Angeles Times article, I think we might be seeing her for some time.

  2. Thanks for sharing the article! I would like to share it on my own Blog if that is okay with you. It is interesting to pair Gaga with Kesha and reflect upon their relationship to feminism--it gives us lots to think about!

  3. It certainly does give us a lot to think about! You are welcome to share the article on your own blog. Thanks!