Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blog Post # 2 in response to Question B

It seems that there is no one set definition of what feminism is as everyone has their own attitudes and beliefs as to what the word stands for. To me, feminism is the act of shaping the world to believe that all women, regardless of race, ethnicity or sexual orientation, both are seen as equal and also believe themselves to be equal to any other human being. I also believe that feminism relates specifically to women’s rights, but that the concept as a whole embodies the right that every person should be treated equal.
            The word feminism, in this century, unfortunately has a negative connotation associated with it because of the myths and misconception associated with feminism. Many people believe that all feminists are men-hating, lesbian, bra burning extremists. Sure, some feminists are angry and most likely with good reason, but there are many types of feminists. Some which include the cultural feminist, conservative feminist, revolutionary feminist, and socialist feminist all who believe in the notion of feminism but want to achieve different and specific goals.
            Until I saw this video, “The F Word”, I honestly can say I never gave much thought to feminism and I certainly had not defined myself as a feminist. But, based upon what I believe feminism to be, I do believe that I am a feminist. I feel that the feminist movements have come so far, that until now, I have taken for granted how fortunate I am to be considered an equal among peers, in the workplace, and  in many other settings. I was shocked when I found out that marital rape was not made illegal until 1976 and that was only in some states. 1976! That was only 35 years ago. My grandparents grew up in that period, my parents not far behind them, and for that to have been legal then is mind boggling to me.
            I think that because women now expect equal rights we forget how hard we had to fight to obtain what we have today. The third wave of feminism is present now, and feminists are still fighting to have total equality. Maybe it is not as prevalent in society as it was decades ago or maybe it is and I just don’t realize it, but it still exists. In the end, I believe as long as women are still in the world feminism will continue to be part of this world.


  1. I liked the way you mentioned the law of marital rape.That how it was changed just 35 years ago. I didn't give much attention to the year of this law, while watching the video, but it definitely is quite shocking. Being a women i am glad that in today's world we are enjoying equal rights.

    I never gave it a serious thought before watching this video but it has radically changed my view about feminism.

  2. I also never considered myself a feminist until I watched the film, and it definitely gave me a new definition of feminism. I am a female and do believe in the rights of women, however, I also related negative stereotypes to feminists.

  3. I really like how in your definition of feminism you said "both are seen as equal and also believe themselves to be equal to any other human being." I think people often overlook the second half, even though it's probably the more important part. I was also shocked by the martial rape clip realizing that women had much less of a voice only 35 years ago.

  4. I agree with you when you said you can't believe that marital rape was legal until about 30- 40 years ago! That is just shameful. Rape is rape, and unfortunately some women probably feel that because they are married that they need to participate in sexual acts to be a "good wife". I also think some women in arranged marriages may not speak up either which is upsetting as well. I am hopeful that feminism will only become more popular and known as time goes on, because look at the changes that have occurred from 1976 to 2011.